Where are they now?

Here’s a little update on what happened to some of my travel companions.

Karmil from the Kings Cross hostel set up with one of the Irish backpackers back in Europe and they now have a baby.

Aya my Japanese travel companion went on to travel with Cedric, the French man with supernatural like senses. They now have a baby are are currently living in New Zealand.

Emma and Bruce moved to Queensland, brought a house, got married and are pregnant with their first child. I was bridesmaid at their wedding.

After driving the Ford Festiva for 3 years, the mould and leaks got the better of me. I was given a very tiny trade in for it in order to seal the deal on purchasing my dream car (although sadly only second hand), a gorgeous cream beetle convertible (not one of the originals, I’d had enough of rusty vehicles).

Ducks Meadow was sold as carbon off sets. The land is now protected. I did a project and presentation on the land management practises as part of my Advanced Diploma of Applied Environmental Management.

I have seen some of the West Coast, well from Perth down. Sydney has been home for 6 years, but Hec and I eventually separated. I continue to follow my passion for the land and have obtained an Advanced Diploma of Environmental Management and am now in my final year of a Bachelor of Environment. I’m taking baby steps to make that dream of owning a piece of land and an off the grid, self-sustaining house a reality. When it eventually happens I would like you all to come and stay or visit during your travels. I truly believe in making dreams come true. The book you just read was one of them. Thank you for your support and messages.