I wouldn’t want to be biased, so I’ll even shared the bad reviews! wink.jpg


5 star.jpg

Fasten your seat belt!

I read many books about Australia and “Kangaroos and Chaos” seemed a bit alternative. Ms Brooke does not tell you the story, she actually grabs your hand and takes you to a trip, which may become a trip of your lifetime. So fasten your seat belt because inside you will find everything a backpacker’s life has to offer: fantastic adventures and hard farm job to be done, peaceful days with nature and evenings full of hedonism. Everything written from an unusual, very personal perspective of a European girl in her late 20’s.The book is not only an entertainment, it is a well-written guide through all the iconic attractions of Down Under: Blue Mountains, Kangaroo Island, Gold Coast V8 race, you name it, everything is inside. It is a unique guide. I read the book in two days, constantly excited for what will happen next. It does not matter if you sit in central Sydney, or in snow-coated Northern Hemisphere, you can almost feel the cold breeze of Southern Ocean while reading. Highly recommended.

– R. Lion


5 star.jpg

A whirlwind of travel and discovery, a handy alternative guide for travelers

A friendly, fun insight into a brave new world of discovery seen through the eyes of a girl from a town. Great descriptions that will provide a few giggles along the way, waiting for the next instalment.

– N. Roberts


5 star.jpg

Fabulous and funny book. A Must read for Travellers and non-Travellers alike! 

Well written and informative as well as being funny and ‘Real’. Essential for travellers thinking of heading down under, but anyone who’s travelled or lived abroad can identify with it.Would definitely recommend it to my friends, however maybe not to my parents! lol. 😉

– S.Roberto


5 star.jpg

Tell all guide

This gives you the inside info on Oz, not just the stuff travel agents want to sell you!

– C.Wakefield


5 star.jpg


Entertaining and funny

This is a really fun book, it certainly made me laugh a few times whilst reading it. I think if you’re planning a trip to Australia yourself it’s definitely worth a read as it might give you a few ideas of your own (as well as some ideas of what to avoid!) But even if you’ve no intention of backpacking, it’s still entertaining, and the way it’s told almost makes you feel like you’ve been there anyway!

– A.Meade


4 star.png

She survived! 

I enjoyed reading Julia’s travels enormously – although I was most surprised that she and her liver survived the trip !

– Mrs Fcirish


4 star.png

Warts and all

An entertaining and certainly “warts and all” trip around Australia. It’s nice to have a decent sized book as it gives you a chance to get to know the people in it and not feel rushed. It was a refreshing change of pace from some of the other travelogues I’ve read.

– Cakeboy


4 star.png

Too much sex

Not finished it yet but getting a bit bored with all the drinking and sex.

– N. Phillips



Sexualised travelogue

I found this no more than a travelogue interspersed with Julia’s sexual conquests.

– Amazon Customer



One Star

Disgusting language and morals of the author.

– Nancy



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